In Memory of
Though we have lost some of our classmates, let them not be forgotten, for they all added to our experience. Each one touched our lives. Without their being, we would not be who we are today.

Steve Bartling (2000)
Sonny Breitzman (2001)
Doug Bates (2001)
Karen Cannon

Mary Church
Keith Cook (2013)
Gary Devaul (2006)
Bill Firetag
Dana Fiery (2005)
Tom Greenwood (2006)
John Harley
Joy Harshaw (Lauderbach)
Carol Heise (Neuvirth) (2011)

Donna Holford (Lyon) (2007)
Sandy Gunderman (2011)

Sally Kazarian
Michael Keeran (2001)
Ken Keppler
Bill Knudson (2000)
Betty Krebs (Brooks)
Susan La Bard (2011)
David Lindquist (2011)
Walker Lindsay
Phillip Lippincott (2004)

Larry McCuistion
Julio Mendez
Donna Mondschein
Ken Nichols (2005)
Joe Noutary
Jim Parker
Cindy Reynolds
Vance Silver
Warren Snider (2012)
Bill Southern (2004)
Greg Swaim
Truman Vining
David Wagner
Charlie Westcott
Mike Winch (1999)